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For more than 15 years, Avie Food has been synonymous with high quality honey around the world. Born from an old family tradition, our firm has become one of the most favourite and reliable companies in the beekeeping sector over the years.

We are specialized in the production and marketing of high quality Italian honey. This is why our hives are located away from polluted areas so the bees are raised in full respect of their biorhythm thanks to exclusively natural processes.

The well-being of our bees has always been the key to achieving our goals.

Therefore, our firm uses the most efficient technological software in order to monitor the health of the hives, and works to ensure that each action respects the natural rhythms without disturbing this highly organized microcosm.


Our tradition is correlated with a continuous innovation.

Our raw materials are processed with technologies that protect the organoleptic and nutritional integrity of the products. We are constantly looking for innovative pathways to disseminate and enhance honey as well as other products of the hive.

Today, we operate in more than 20 countries and on 4 different continents, thanks to a continuous research. Avie Food is considered one of the most important players in the distribution of honey in the Middle East and North Africa. Among our customers include some of the most important food groups in the sector.

From the first day, our mission was to promote the “Made in Italy” beyond our borders, with a special focus on the Middle East. From 2015 we have created our “Made in Italy selection”, a selection of Italian high quality products to be introduced on a global scale in order to meet the continuous requests of our customers and collaborating with the best realities of the sector.

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